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Step into the electrifying world of 8bitCRUSH!, a genre-defying electronic punk/dance band that emerged from the underground punk scene of South Florida. Led by the dynamic trio of vocalist, drummer, and producer Eric Foxe, 8bitCRUSH! has carved out a sonic path that traverses punk roots, electronic experimentation, and collaborative alchemy, resulting in a truly unique musical odyssey.

From Punk Origins to Sonic Evolution

Originally a punk powerhouse, 8bitCRUSH! found its inception on the stages of South Florida, where Eric Foxe's thunderous drumming and commanding vocals ignited the local scene. Paying homage to punk legends like Jack White, the band delivered electrifying original compositions and covers that left audiences captivated. But as artistic horizons expanded, so did their sound, propelling them into the realm of electronic exploration.


Eric Foxe: The Visionary Force

At the helm of 8bitCRUSH! stands Eric Foxe, a visionary force who seamlessly transitions between roles as a vocalist, a drummer, and a producer. His electrifying drumming creates a foundation that pulses with energy, while his versatile vocals range from gritty anthems to ethereal melodies. As a producer, Eric's sonic wizardry weaves intricate textures, blending punk ferocity with electronic finesse to create a symphony of sonic innovation.


Fearless Genre-Bending

Fuelled by their collective audacity, 8bitCRUSH! embarked on a relentless genre-bending journey. Embracing noise, trap, and other electronic styles, the band created a diverse sound palette that defies classification. With Eric's rhythmic prowess and vocal dexterity, 8bitCRUSH! navigates these musical territories with finesse, infusing their music with a pulsating energy that captivates listeners across genres.


Collaborative Magic

Central to 8bitCRUSH!'s essence is their penchant for collaboration. Eric Foxe's magnetic leadership draws a tapestry of artists into their orbit, resulting in a vibrant network of creative partnerships. From the enigmatic stylings of Yvveston to the genre-blurring experimentation of benbenebenbenben, Eric's ability to adapt and blend his musical prowess shines through, creating a dynamic synergy that defines the band's identity.

8bitCRUSH!: An Ever-Evolving Sonic Adventure


As Eric Foxe leads 8bitCRUSH! into uncharted musical territories, the band stands as a testament to the ever-evolving nature of music. From punk foundations to electronic realms, their music embodies the spirit of fearless exploration and collaborative innovation. With every beat, Eric Foxe and 8bitCRUSH! invite you to join them on their sonic adventure, embracing the diverse soundscape they've curated and celebrating the boundless possibilities of musical creation.

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