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INTERVIEW SERIES: Comedy, Chaos, and Creativity: Marlon on Shaping Seizure Machine's Unique Sound

Updated: Aug 28

In this interview, we speak to Marlon Sinvergüenza about his evolution as a musician, the inspiration behind his band’s genre-bending creations, and the exciting new projects he's currently brewing. Join us as we unravel the mind behind the music, and learn how Marlon's dedication to being delightfully odd has shaped his career and his connection with fans. You can listen to his band Seizure Machine HERE


Tell us about your journey in the music industry so far. What inspired you to create a comedy electronic/rap/Spanish fusion band like Seizure Machine? Would electronic/rap/Spanish fusion be a good description of SM's music?


That's a great description.

I grew up around Latin music. My dad (RIP) was a Spanish TV talk show host.

I started playing bongos on the show's band when I was around 17. They played mostly Cuban music.

My mom is Venezuelan and I can noodle on the Venezuelan cuatro guitar.

Though, Cuban and Caribbean music is one of my specialties.

I spent a lot of years gigging as a Latin percussionist, but got fed up with how closed minded those musicians tend to be.

So I figured, I could make more money and have more fun doing my own thing.


so you really were born in to this life, huh? Seizure Machine was known for its unique fusion of genres and comedic elements. Can you share some insights into the creative process behind your music? How do you blend these different styles effectively?


Metal & hard rock were the first genres of music I got into on my own. Later, industrial. Industrial metal has been one of my favorite genres since high school.

I started rapping in middle school to try to make friends (I was extremely unpopular) and it has stuck with me since.

I'm always joking and pulling pranks at home. At first, I wasn't really trying to make comedic music.

I wanted to make hard sounding aggressive music.

But, people would interpret my lyrics as comedic. I guess they kind of were tbh.

I was influenced by Epic Rap Battles of History & horror core Juggalo music lol

In early seizure machine, I would rap about fucking grandma's in the mouth and shit like that. But, I stopped doing that to reach a wider audience and get better gigs.

At this point, the comedic wackiness just comes naturally.

As well as the Latin influence. Whenever I sit at a DAW or musical instruments, Latin riffs will just come out of me.


You mentioned disbanding Seizure Machine to work on new projects. What prompted this decision, and what can we expect from your upcoming ventures?



I share a bathroom with Adrian. I was just in there as I was answering your last question lol


His room is connected to the bathroom, so I always hear the new things he's working on.

We might come back some day. For all intents and purposes, we're on a long break.

We mutually decided to pursue other things and go in new directions.

He's making video game type music, which is something that brought us together.

And I'm going in a new direction - more aggressive and horror based.

Both are connected to seizure machine somehow.

lol but I want to experiment more with, instead of making people laugh, making them freak out. I'm kind of tired of being a clown lol

But, there might also be comedic elements that just come naturally in whatever I create.


As a musician who embraces a variety of interests, how do you find a balance between your love for video games, memes, and music creation?


Love for video games and video game music is something that Adrian & I have in common. It brought us together. Early Seizure Machine was more chiptune based.

I used to create chiptune type sounds on Logic and a Microkorg. Sometimes meme songs organically come out. Doug Dimmadome came about when I was freestyling over my little brother playing a synth he had created and programmed with an Arduino board.


Collaborations often lead to exciting new sounds. Are there any artists, within or outside your genre, that you would love to collaborate with in the future?


Oh man

I'd like another collab with Lex the Lexicon Artist. Seizure Machine had one with her, titled Booties.

I'd love to be on Epic Rap Battles of History. I've met them in person and even showed up to their studio once.

KMFDM is another. They really inspired me when I saw them in concert.

Ultimately, I'm open to collabing with artists of any genre.


Your decision to explore more aggressive and horror-based music is intriguing. Can you share any specific influences, whether from the music world or other sources, that are shaping this new direction?


KMFDM, Mindless Self Indulgence continue being big influences

Also, I've been playing with cockroaches lately Tony rain myself to not be afraid of them

*to train myself to not be afraid of them

I just really like being on a stage, screaming, and using up all my energy

Also, in Seizure Machine, I started focusing more on catchy choruses and abandoned lyricism. I'm going back into lyricism now.


Yeah, I noticed that change lyrically with the newer SM releases, but my god were they catchy as hell. I still get Culito stuck in my head randomly. South Florida has a diverse music scene. How has the local environment influenced your music?



I started performing Seizure Machine at an open mic at Churchill's pub. It was hosted by the poet rapper Ben Shahoulian, who is a good friend and I've always credited as an influence.

Otto von Schirach, who also plays experimental Latin based music, though very different from my own, has been somewhat of a mentor. I'm wearing his shirt right now, actually.

Of course, I also played a lot of Latin music gigs on congas before gigging with Seizure Machine.


Otto is an amazing artist, I’m looking forward to seeing him perform here in SLC in October. In the age of digital media, how do you leverage platforms like social media and streaming services to connect with your audience and promote your music?


Right now, I'm taking a break from posting on social media, but my platforms of choice are Instagram, Spotify, and YouTube

Oh, and bandcamp

I find that these platforms (minus Instagram) are more for people who want to be immersed in art, not just look at short clips and memes.


Churchill's Pub holds a special place in your musical development and in the hearts of most people in the south florida music scene. Could you share a standout memory from your early performances there, and how the atmosphere of the venue contributed to the evolution of your artistic style?


It was the first place where would perform Seizure Machine.

I started performing by myself with a Nintendo 3DS, which had a software on it called Rhythm Core Alpha.

Even cooler, I met and became friends with the developer of RCA, Tina, when I lived in LA!

The atmosphere was grungy and anything-goes. Ex. People would sometimes get naked or pee on stage.

It definitely inspired me to be loose with my boundaries haha


In an era where algorithms often shape content visibility, how do you ensure that your unique and unconventional music reaches the right audience on platforms like Spotify, YouTube, and Bandcamp? What strategies do you employ to cut through the noise and connect with those who resonate with your style?


I feel like unconventional, more niche music reaches its target audience easier.

Especially if your hashtags and genres are on point.


You said you enjoy screaming on stage and expending all your energy. Could you elaborate on how you channel that raw energy into your performances? Are there any specific techniques or rituals you've developed to ensure a powerful and authentic stage presence?


For sure.

Off stage, in regular life, I had to struggle for many years to figure out how to socialize.

The amount of eye contact I make and shit like that is calculated. Idk, some people think I'm somewhat autistic.

And teachers have always asked my mom if I have some sort of mental disorder lol.

Anyways, I'd get picked on or in trouble a lot for acting the wrong way at the wrong time. I don't naturally have good social cues.

So, when I'm on stage, I use it as my big opportunity to let loose 100% and not have to conform to any standards! It's probably the truest expression of me anyone has ever seen.

People that only know the off stage version of me know me as a quiet and reserved guy. They say I'm a different person on stage.


Engaging with a live audience brings a unique dynamic to your music. Could you tell us about a time when the crowd's enthusiasm and response impacted your performance, leading to a memorable experience you didn't anticipate?


Most recently, we got asked for an encore at our last kirbicon performance.

It felt really good and was unexpected to have the whole venue chant "one more song"

It's not something you often see in the local scene


Many artists have pre-performance rituals that help them get into the right mindset. Do you have any unique practices or routines that you follow before taking the stage?


Yes. Since I perform a high energy show, I do pushups and jumping jacks right before getting on. Adrian & I will mosh with each other and I drink red bull. It's the only time I'll consume an energy drink.


Thanks for taking the time to chat with me, Marlon, and I look forward to hearing whatever you have coming next. Let’s close this out with a two-parter; Looking ahead, what kind of mark do you hope Seizure Machine will leave on the music scene? What’s in store for your fans in the next year or two?


I'm hoping Seizure Machine will influence other artists to be weird, too. A lot of things we've been doing, such as experimenting with reggaeton, were frowned upon by pompous hipsters, but are actually becoming more accepted. The moral of the story: do and create as you like.

For my fans: prepare to be disturbed. I recently got into playing with cockroaches and being an actor in fetish porn. These experiences and more will influence my art like hell, so beware.

I'm about to break all my old records.

(This interview took place over Facebook messenger and was edited for formatting only)

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