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who are we?

About Us

The Cat Is Here is the home of many creative endeavors, including IAMNOTNOTACAT, an online clothing store with a unique collection of meme and psychedelic-inspired garments. It is also the home of 8bitCRUSH!, an electro-punk band with an edgy, alternative sound. On top of all that, The Cat Is Here also hosts a blog and social network where you can find interesting insights and connect with like-minded people.

About Eric Foxe

Eric Foxe is a creative powerhouse, with an expansive portfolio of work that speaks for itself. His unique and innovative style has been featured in galleries, music videos, and street-wear fashion.

Eric is the creative mind behind this site, street-wear clothing brand IAMNOTNOTACAT, and electronic punk band 8bitCRUSH!. It's his passion for pushing boundaries and creating something new that has made him a leader in the creative industry. Follow his journey and explore his work on this website.

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